R&D Centres

Online's research centres in Bahrain, India and overseas. When it comes to the new technologies from Online that will meet the needs of the future, it's our research centres that are continually looking ahead and fully supporting the company's R&D and business activities.

Advanced Technology R&D Centre

All of Online's activities depend on leading-edge technology, and the Advanced Technology R&D Centre supports our business through a wide range of initiatives, from common basic technology to new product development, as well as R&D leading to future new business. The Centre helps promote the dynamic growth of Online.

Information Technology R&D Centre

The Information Technology R&D Centre is actively creating new business through our basic research and development in the fields of information technology, media intelligence, electro-optics, microwave and communication technologies. We are also searching out technologies that enable us to be the market leader, and are working to renew existing business through our R&D in the field of IT.

Industrial Design Centre

The Industrial Design Centre is in charge of the design development for Online's diverse product range (home automation, energy, buildings/society, public transportation, computer/communications, home electronics, images, industry and more). Our universal designs represent our aim to create designs from a user's point of view.